Revelry founders Lilach Mazor Power (left) and Stef Swiergol (right)

Women spend decades building their legacies. They’re mothers, partners, leaders and dreamers who set forth into the world with a deep desire to create their own stories – tales woven of triumph and sacrifice.

As working moms, immigrants, and wives, we have a profound respect and understanding of the intersectionality of women. Just like you, we wear a lot of hats (and cute shoes, too).

And, just like you, we need sleep. We need intimacy. We need peace-and-fucking quiet. And, we’re not about to let menopause get in the way of that for us, or for you. That’s why we created Revelry!

Our mission is to enable women to rebel against the physical and emotional effects of menopause through reliable, plant-based products and reassuring honest information.

Every day, 6,000 women in the U.S. reach menopause. That astounding figure doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of women experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause – the years preceding menopause – including hot flashes, depression, and, drumroll, please, vaginal dryness.

This online shop is dedicated to bringing you one of the essential products of every woman’s wellness toolbox: intimacy oil. We hope it will bring you the relief and intimacy you deserve.

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